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FORMATION COMMITTEE(currently handled through our Worship Committee)

There is a focus in the church today on adult faith formation that may seem new to us. But faith
formation is an ancient practice. What is new are the conscious efforts being made by parishes and 
dioceses to provide formation opportunities for adults.

The term "adult faith formation" it’s self may seem new. It often is used now instead of the more 
familiar "adult religious education" for clarity. Adult religious education may bring to mind images 
of instruction, lectures and classrooms, while adult faith formation includes instruction, but also 
provides many other types of opportunities for people to grow and mature in faith.

The church is concerned about adult faith formation today becuase it recognizes that unless it
intentionally offers opportunities to help adults understand what Catholics believe and shows 
them how Catholics act, other voices and forces within the culture will influence them to believe
and act outside the faith.