1818 Rangeland Rd ~ Louisville, KY 40219~Parish Life Center: (502) 964-5904~Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM, Sunday Mass: 10:00 AM


The mission of the Parish Council is to establish goals and parish policies within 
the guidelines of Canon Law, the Archbishop and our Pastor that will develop a 
true interdependence in prayer, worship and service within our Parish faith 
community. Parish Council is the representation of all parishioners and encourages 
open communication and dialog with parishioners. We are here to serve the needs 
of our faith community, to provide active leadership and involvement in parish life 
and development.

Suggestions, ideas, comments, issues, and concerns from our parishioners can be
communicated to any Council member or placed in the Suggestion Box in the 
Vestibule of Church. The regular monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday 
of each month and all comments received are bought before the Parish Council. 
The minutes from the meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the back of 
Church and extra copies are available on the table so the Parish can be informed of 
the current and ongoing activities of Parish Council.

St. Ignatius Martyr Parish Council Members 2016:
Chair/Member/Officer, Term Expires:

Mary Lou Durbin - vice chair-2019

Ann Hager-2019

Carol Holley - secretary-2019

Gary Holmes-2019

Natalie Jacobs-time keeper-

Debbie Kuhn-2019

Gerry McDaniel- chair-2019

Shirley Spalding, Worship Committee
Fr. David A. Cockson, Pastor