1818 Rangeland Rd ~ Louisville, KY 40219~Parish Life Center: (502) 964-5904~Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM, Sunday Mass: 10:00 AM


Everyone is Welcome at St. Ignatius Martyr

At St. Ignatius Martyr, we pride ourselves on being a strong-knit, and diverse community.  We are 
always happy to welcome new members into our faith, whether you are moving parishes, becoming 
Catholic, or coming back to the Catholic church. 


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Interested in Becoming a Catholic?

Receiving Holy communion and the other sacraments requires that you are a practicing Catholic.  
Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist) for children 7 through adults are best 
celebrated when the person is ready.  Our RCIA classes begin in the fall and are completed at Easter.  
Please call the parish office for more information, at 964-5904.


Been away from the Church for Awhile?


Jesus wants you back and we do too.  Whether it be a marriage situation, a hurt, or disappointment, 
something can be done to assist your return.  No matter what you may have been told by others,
something can be done to allow full sacramental life in the Church!  Please call the parish life 
center and begin the process of being healed and restored. Please come home!