1818 Rangeland Rd ~ Louisville, KY 40219~Parish Life Center: (502) 964-5904~Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM, Sunday Mass: 10:00 AM


BEFORE SETTING DATES OR TIMES--Please contact the Parish Office so we can coordinate dates, times, and services between us, Fr. David’s hospital ministry and the funeral home.  If funeral arrangements are set before being coordinated, they may have to be altered.


There are Funeral Planning sheets in the back of church if you would like to pre-plan your funeral service.  If you give a copy to our pastoral associate, she will have this for your family when arrangements are made.  As many change their minds over the years, you can update your original plan at any time.  Another option would be to keep it in your bible or with your will so you can make any changes – in these cases, make sure someone in your family knows where you are keeping these.