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 Family Prayer List

Please keep the family members of our parishioners in your prayers

Alice Tyner- aunt of Sonya Garr

Amber Moore - granddaughter of Tom Burch

Austin Whitaker – cousin of Debbie and Terry Kuhn

Bill Enteman, father of Debbie Glasgow

Bobbie Linehan, sister of Denis Linehan

Carl Kamer - uncle of Debbie and Terry Kuhn

Casey Cammuse, grand-   daughter of Jo Ann Ansert

Catherine Arter, sister of Juanita Tooley

Claudia Dunn, sister of Delorse Smith

Chuck Blust -Bill & Alice Beaven

Donovan Garr - son of Sonya Garr

Emma Dunn and Linda Samples,

     sisters of Margaret Newton

Jackson Stark, grandson of Mike & Kathy Stark

Ja’na Jacobs, daughter of Natalie & Joe Jacobs

Jean Tompkins, daughter of Bill Tompkins

Jennifer Tungate, daughter of Roxie Vize

Jessica Jones Brock, s.-daughter of Judy Jones

Johnny Sosbe, son-in-law of Paul Kopey

Julee Gordon, daughter of Denny & Karon Esterle

Kevin Kirchgessner - nephew of Allan & Janet Rowe

Larry Biven- brother of Christy Lewis

Laura Hooper - daughter of Allan & Janet Rowe

Lewis Jones - brother-in-law of Judy Jones

Linda Ballback- daughter-in-law of Shirley Ballback

Linda Roos-sister-in-law of Karon Esterle

Linda Stark-cousin of Suzanne Stark

Lisa Luttrell -  daughter of Ronnie Mullins

Mark Cecil-son of Barbara Cecil

Mark G. Cockson, brother of Fr. David

Melva Blair-Sister of Judy Brown 

Mike Fischer - Son-in-law of Joyce Green

Pat Hash - friend of Fr. David

Phyllis Holmes, mother of Gary Holmes

Regina Burton - niece of Suzanne Stark

Ross Stratton, Sr.-father of Kim Linehan

Ross Stratton, Jr. - brother of Kim Linehan 

Shirley Lovelace

 Shirley and Louie Ruckriegel-

     family of  Mary Lou Durbin

Sullivan Gardner, III - son of Yolanda Gardner

Tara O’Brien - Fr. David’s cousin

Terri Williams - granddaughter of Mae Laird

Tom Burch, Jr. - son of Tom Burch

Vicki Graeter-sister of Debbie Glasgow

Walston Family - family of Angela Allen                                                                                           Revised 8/9/2018