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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The RCIA is a communal process and involves a number of stages punctuated by liturgical rites to
help and assist the potential convert toward the final rite at the Easter Vigil at which time they will 
become full members of the Roman Catholic Church. It was introduced as a result of the Second 
Vatican Council, where a return to the ancient practice of Christian initiation was viewed as the 
proper form for the modern world.  Prior to this, Christian initiation had evolved from the ancient 
practice to the form of individual instruction with a priest. Although the private process has its 
merits, the Council wanted to reintroduce the community aspect of the initiation process, as well as 
liturgical and the other elements contained within the Rite.

The program is for:  Individuals who have not been baptized; individuals baptized in another 
Christian tradition; adults who have been baptized Catholic but have not been confirmed or have 
not yet received First Communion; adults who have received the Sacraments of Initiation but have 
been away from the Catholic Church; anyone who wishes to share their faith and support to those 
who have expressed an interest in becoming members of the Catholic Church.

Our program is year-round and begins in September. 


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